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Want to get ASO OKE in bulk?
Wholesale price or need ASO OKE for your next Owanbe?

Always order 2-4 weeks before your Ocassion

Available For:

Aso Oke Merchant

Sales & Supply of Aso Oke

Complete Bide & Groom

Unisex Native wears

Bespoke Tailoring


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7 days a week.

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Contact Us:



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Write to Us:
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Find Us:

Suit Number 16, HRoyal Plaza, Beside Mosalasi Bus Stop, Ojurin Akobo Lagelu L.G.A, 200101, Ibadan

We Deliver Worldwide

We weave your desired design, quality and quantity.
Always place your order 2-4 weeks ahead of your Occasion.

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